Precious Metals Package

This is the Preferred Choice for Most Commodity Traders with a Possibility of High Returns. We Have A Team Of Experts Focusing On Gold And Silver Movements Who Have Tracked The Market For Over 7 Years. This Product Is Highly Profitable For Those Traders That Have A High Risk Appetite. We However, Make Sure That Customers Are Educated With The Right Trading Discipline Before Executing Trades In These Highly Volatile Commodities. It Is One Of Our Strongest Products And Has Provided The Most Returns For Our Customers.

Features :

  • Daily 2 calls 1 From Gold And 1 Call From Silver on a daily basis.
  • Tips Will Be Given by Text SMS.
  • Proper Follow Ups & Important Information.
  • An accuracy of 96% on all intraday calls.
  • All Tips with Target & Stop Loss.
  • Daily Gain Ratio : Rs 15,000 to 25,000 profit
  • 10 am to 11:30 pm Telephonic + Online Support.

Sample Call:

  • Buy Gold At 28200-28220 Target 28340 Stoploss 28120
  • Buy Silver At 41200 – 41250 Target 41600 Stoploss 40950

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